Supreme Ear Muffs 32dB

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Supreme Ear Muffs 32dB

Product Description: Supreme Ear Muffs 32dB

  • JB’s Brand Ear Muffs
  • 32dB Supreme Ear Muffs
  • A premium protection, quality earmuff
  • Large cup openings with soft cushions, foam filled for comfort and better sealing properties
  • Twin stirrup stainless steel headband for sustained clamping force, low pressure fit and comfort
  • Vertical adjusting head band for correct fitting
  • Rolling ear cup pivot pins, for wearer comfort and sealing
  • Quality construction for hard working environments
  • SLC80 32dB Class 5 performance
  • Vinyl Cushions,EVA Foam,Stainless Steel Head band
  • Hygiene kits available  Part No: 8M002
  • Overhead Style Ear Muffs
  • Black Colour



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